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Sun, Dec 30, 2018 11:39 PM

Camera Raw: No way to set rating on single image

If you open multiple images in Camera Raw, there is a panel on left that allows you to select images and rate them 0 - 5 stars.  However if you only open one image there is no way to set rating.  This is bad from work flow process that uses ratings on files.  It means that after examining and editing image I have to close it, then set rating in Bridge, then reopen it.  I agree there is no need to show side panel for one image, but there is plenty of room under image to have those 5 little stars.


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2 years ago

Its called the Filmstrip and yes it only shows with multiple selections.

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2 years ago

I don’t think that it would be a bad thing to have the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to rate or label a single image in ACR.

The rating keyboard shortcut works if you spacebar/fullscreen a single image in Bridge.

Another option is to rate images from Bridge before/after opening them into ACR, either clicking on the star or using a keyboard shortcut, menus etc. You may have the rating stars turned off under the thumbnail image, screenshot attached (the lack of contrast may make the stars less noticeable in CC2019).