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Wed, Sep 4, 2019 10:41 AM

Camera Raw 11.4: cannot copy-paste or sync Lens corrections

After the latest update of Camera Raw to version 11.4 the copy-paste function in Bridge for changed settings of the lens corrections (manual transformation etc.) doesn't work anymore. 
Also when I load 2 photos in Camera Raw the synchronize function doesn't work.

I do a lot of masking on multiple images made from the exact same position, so any transformation to the 1st image needs to be copied to the 2nd image.

Previous when I chose to only copy-paste or sync the lens corrections between 2 photos, and to do it in 2 other photos, the check marks would be only at the lens corrections. But now, after the cop-paste, all settings as in the screenshot are selected and nothing happens for the manual distortion in the image on which I want to apply these settings.

I have the problem just with the lens corrections. E.g. copying the basic settings works as it should.


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