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Wed, Jul 25, 2018 9:26 PM

Bug report: Photoshop and Bridge not writing/reading certain metadata fields to IIM

Both Photoshop and Bridge are having problems with the IPTC metadata fields Subject Code and Intellectual Genre. Both of these fields are to be synchronized between the IIM and XMP data blocks, according to the IPTC standard. (Note that in the chart of synchronized fields, Intellectual Genre is not shown. I am told by the IPTC that's an error. If you look under the individual entry for this field, it does show that it is to appear in both data blocks.)

Both Adobe programs read and write these fields to/from the XMP. 

However, neither Photoshop nor Bridge will read either field from the IIM if no value is present in the XMP.

Photoshop writes neither field to the IIM.

Bridge (oddly) writes Subject Code to IIM, but does not write Intellectual Genre there.

I was able to reproduce this in the CC 2018 (Mac) versions of both programs.

Neither of these fields is exactly popular. I've only seen Subject Code used once or twice, and Intellectual Genre never. The out-of-sync condition wouldn't show up in standards-compliant programs (because the XMP is being read and written correctly) and would only manifest when a non-standards-compliant program (one that, say, only wrote to or read from the IIM)  DID include these fields in its interface AND files were exchanged with the Adobe products. So, it wouldn't surprise me if nobody has noticed or reported this bug in the nineteen or so years it's probably been in the products.

That said, it's an easy fix and Adobe IS the author of the XMP standard and is generally considered to be authoritative in these matters, so fix it we should.


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