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Wed, Jun 26, 2019 8:34 PM


Bridge: Preset batch renames add option for sequence number to default to 1 or presist with sequence

I'm suggesting a feature addition to the Batch Rename Tool in Bridge, that the sequence number field has a user option to default to 1 or persists with the last rename sequence number, which is currently the only option. 

I work in a large volume catalog photo studio which uses Adobe Bridge to name hundreds of products images a day for loading into our system. The files are named by a product number then a dash and sequence number for the additional images. For example, 112256-1, 112256-2, etc. We've created an Adobe Bridge Batch Rename preset that we change the product number but sequence number stays in order of the previous rename, which means we have to reset the number to one for each of the hundred product images we rename. 

So I want the preference to choose either option -to have the Batch Rename Tool sequence number field default back to 1 after each rename or to stay persistent with the last rename.



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