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Mon, Oct 29, 2018 7:12 AM


Bridge: Please show folders' filesize too

There seems to be no way to see the size of a folder from within Bridge. The only way seems to be to exit Bridge and use File Explorer (right-click>properties), which is obviously far from an ideal workflow. (Or else double click a folder and hit ctrl-A....but this becomes prohibitively time-consuming for folders with many subfolders)

Bridge's inability to show how much space a folder and its contents take up seems a strange oversight. If routinely scanning and calculating the filesize of folders would take a lot of extra CPU/SSD resources, then it could be an opt-in feature in the settings. Or it could be integrated into the preview thumb cache generation somehow (save a folder's filesize information when saving its thumb cache)

At the very least, we should see a folder's size in its metadata panel once we click on it. But optimally, it'd be really helpful to to see the size of folders underneath each folder, just as it is currently for files.


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2 years ago

Hi David,

Request you to post this as a feature request on for further voting and discussion