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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 9:57 PM


Bridge on mobile platforms

It would be ideal to develop a local based bridge app for the mobile platform.

The main approach is organizing locally stored content into an organized space instead of just the default gallery or third party apps. Which in this case is perfect for separating professional work from family albums and personal photos.

It would also be ideal to work as a channel between adobe cloud and local based content, making it easier to access files in one single app, instead of switching from creative cloud, adobe lightroom or photoshop and the default app gallery.

Another great suggestion would be, using AI to recognize various ideal sizes of duplicate images to give better recommendations on which image and file size format should be used for web-based content, social platforms and professional workspaces.

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Anthoney Pansegrouw


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Lightroom Mobile?

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Yes, I agree that it's important to develop Adobe Bridge version on mobiles and tablets.