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Tue, Jul 5, 2011 4:56 PM


Bridge: Editing the list of applications for "open with" context menu on OS X

Adobe Bridge (OS X): where and how can I edit the list of applications when right-click selecting "Open with"?

I use the right-click open-with menu to quickly add i.e. tiffs to ptgui, or enfusegui, but rarely to other apps... over the years, the list of apps that bridge displays has become rather long, and full of duplicates.

Is there a way to edit the list, and possibly add like 2-3 apps as "favorites" for the open-with menu?

Here is how "messy" the menu looks at the moment:


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10 years ago

The applications in this list are generated by the Mac OS (everything below that divider line at least). Basically, if you right-click (Command-click) on the same type of file in Finder, you should see the same list (again, the part below the divider line). Here is some information on this issue and what to do about it:

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10 years ago

you can edit the application association through the preferfence dialog in Bridge.
Cmd+k to invoke the dialog, and select "File Type Asscociation" tab, and find the file you want to change the setting.