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Wed, Dec 5, 2018 9:38 PM


Bridge: Disable Thumbnail Generation, Preview Generation, and Cache Saving for Video Files

I would find it ENORMOUSLY useful to have the option to completely disable thumbnail generation, preview generation, and cache generation in Bridge. This would be particularly useful for video files. Even if I set the cache file size limit to 1 MB, the setting doesn't apply to video files anyway. I can set thumbnails to load faster and preview to be low-res, but they load way too slow regardless. I'm completely hamstrung in my objectives to keyword all of my files. Furthermore, Bridge glitches (seemingly) all of the time, where I am unable to apply XMP Data at all because (the warning tells me) the thumbnail hasn't generated yet. But it has. Are thumbnails stored in the XMP file? If not, why would it need to load to allow applying keywords. Please consider this request. Thank you.


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a year ago

Yes same for images, I just need to apply metadata to images and it's impossible with constant preview / thrumnail generation that never stops.