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Thu, Aug 23, 2018 12:30 AM


Bridge column view in folders tab

I find the column view in Mac finder the fastest, most efficient way to work, and everything else seems frustrating by comparison. Bridge should have a column view option in the Folders tab. I think this would make it much more useable.


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3 y ago

There is 'Window' menu where you can choose 'Folder Panel' that can be aligned to for ex. left side of workspace. Can you explain more what you want to achieve posting some screenshot, as now I'm not sure I understand what you want...

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3 y ago

It sounds like you want the view I see in my Finder when I set it to column view—instead of a tree, each folder opens to the right of the parent and lists its contents, and so on. But that view takes a lot more room, and so far (though I'd very much like to see this change) Bridge has also been made with only a 3 column layout max. Should they change that, you could, theoretically, allow for a Column view of your hard drives, but as each column opens, another behind it would have to close completely, or you'd be stretching clear across the width of the window (think of us poor laptop users), with no room left for a large preview of a file.

The Tree view is simply more efficient for space. Not that your idea is unworkable. I use the column view all the time in the Finder and rarely any other. But Bridge is providing so much more information through its panels than the Finder does, and to have that information accessible at the same time as we navigate to the folder or file we want does mean compromising on how the space is used.

If you can make an argument against mine that proves there's room for what you want AND for all these other panels to be open at the same time. . . I'm all ears.