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Tue, Oct 16, 2018 8:05 AM

Bridge CC 2019: Thumbnails/Previews not rendering correctly

Thumbnails not showing or showing with not properly and it freezes Bridge while trying to build previews or thumbnails.

Usually it looks like this:

But changing the options, purging cash or clicking to "Generate Quick Thumbnail" may instantly change the pattern on the thumbnails, so they are not stored like this, they are just showed like this, could be problem with using Vega GPU.


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2 years ago

I experience this in an other way.
Previews are generated, but they are looking like if they were just poor quality thumbnail pictures dumb-scaled up: awfully pixelated and color-bleeded. :(
Any settings I've found and/or suggested in any forums including this, are resulting the same shitty quality. :(
I am a CC subscriber and as so I always have the latest Br, but this issue is quite old... 

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2 years ago

I have the latest version of bridge & the when I preview the photos, they appear all all fuzzy & pixelated to the point where I can't even see the photo at all.

I'm not able to screenshot it to show you, but they look like the first image in this thread of the thumbnails. 

Any suggestions or further updates would be helpful! I've messed with the preferences, but so far nothing's worked. Definitely slowed down my work flow :/