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Fri, Nov 23, 2018 11:09 PM

Bridge CC 2019 ( Mac OS is now slow, freezes up

I launched Bridge after a computer restart, but it promptly crashed before it could load. Second time it loaded, but took forever- over a minute to show images. Also, during startup, I got an empty pop up window for several seconds, which then closed. No way to see or read any message.

Also, it seems to have “forgotten” how I had the window set, but does show my saved workspace spaces on top.

Changing size of workspace window gives me spinning beach ball for a few seconds before it complies.

Changing workspace from saved one to another takes over 7 seconds. Changing Sort By takes several seconds. In general seems really, really slow compared to Bridge CC 2018. The folder it is looking at has 1668 raw files, both Nikon NEF and Canon CR2 files.


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