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Tue, Dec 12, 2017 11:03 AM

Bridge CC 2018 doesn't create video previews on High Sierra

Hello Adobe!

The latest Version of Bridge CC 2018 ( doesn't create video previews on Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.2). The only thing that is better than on the previous Version is, that it freezes only a few seconds instead of minutes when opening a folder containing videos.
Bridge CC 2017 works without faults and creates previews of all kinds of video files.
I'm working (or trying to work) on a Mac Pro with 2 AMD FirePro D300 Graphic adapters on High Sierra. Clearing the cache, resetting the settings to default, deinstalling and reinstalling Bridge didn't change anything..
I have multiple appearances of the following error in the Bridge LogFile:

ERROR    |    2017-12-18    |    10:22:36.137    |    105553116701184    |    CreateCGContext    |    Draw2DContext::CreateCGContext() throw an exception:context is null.
What could that mean?
What else could I do except changing to a system running Windows ;-) ?


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3 years ago

I am having this problem, too! Found nothing on the web. Bridge CC 2017 works also fine..