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Thu, Apr 9, 2015 3:23 PM

Bridge Cache Limit Restricts Use

Mac Pro OSX 10.6 thru 10.9.
Fully updated CS6 (NOT, CC.... the idea of paying for software updates is wrong)

I have Bridge CS6.
I have a DEDICATED HARD DRIVE for nothing except Bridge Cache.
My problem is....

Bridge only allows for 500,000 images to be cached.

I have nearly 3 Million image files.

1. Is there a way to remove this limitation?

If not....
Provide an option in Bridge Preferences that allows this limitation to be removed.
Simply include a Dialog Warning explaining that Bridge Cache can use up huge amounts of disk space.
Warn the user that this "No Limit" option requires a Dedicated Cache Hard Drive (internal or external) otherwise there will be crashes and hangs and the potential to use up a system boot drive's space.
For those of us who have more than 500,000 images, this change (suggested Bridge Upgrade) would be extremely helpful.

Please do not make me repeat myself.
I have a DEDICATED HARD DRIVE for nothing except Bridge Cache.
This Bride Cache Hard Drive is huge.
My only problem is the limitation of 500,000 images.
My "typical" Bridge Cache volume use is always in excess of 80GB.

This restriction needs removal.


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