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Fri, Oct 19, 2018 5:44 PM

Bridge bug: will not retain custom workspaces

I have a custom workspace for Bridge that stretches across two monitors. The leftmost panel column has folders, keywords, filter, metadata. The center column has only content, and the far right column only preview. I then saved this as a custom workspace.

From time to time, Bridge opens in a different workspace, sometimes on a single screen, sometimes across both screens but in either case, there are always only two panel columns and the preview panel is missing. If I click on the saved workspace name to invoke it, I still only have two panel columns with preview missing. If I click on window in the menu, preview does indeed still have a checkmark but the tab is nowhere to be found. I suspect the third panel column has somehow shrunk to zero but I can't find a way to bring it back. I end up always going back to a default workspace that uses 3 columns and then rearranging all my panels to the way I want. I then save again with a new workspace name and it's fine for a while until for no apparent reason, the same thing happens again.

Can you offer a solution? If not, can you at least tell me how to add a third panel column?


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2 years ago

Do you Cmd/Ctrl-click (not just click) on the workspace name in the bar? I'm thinking it's possible if you only clicked, that preferences got written in some farkled way and Bridge is falling back on an unfortunate setup, which a mere click wouldn't restore to the saved workspace. The way to bring a side column back is to go over to very edge, you'll see nothing to click on, but your cursor should change and you can drag on it in the direction you want it to open (so to the left for a right hand column.)

However, if it's not able to fix itself with a Cmd/Ctrl-click on the name, then it's not saving your last used state correctly at all. Bridge is rather notorious for thinking we all use one monitor, one computer, all internal drives. I don't think that was true when Bridge was first dreamt up, but it certainly hasn't improved upon that model. I don't have two monitors—yet, but I've frequently heard someone with more than one monitor say they have a problem.

But it also could just be time to trash preferences and start over from scratch with a new set, which alas, does mean setting everything up all over again. It's possible, not even unlikely, that Bridge has simply got its knickers in a twist with corrupt preferences, and you'll get a period of time with it behaving better after you've done a reset.

Maybe Bridge will eventually catch up to this decade, this century, become fast, reliable, and feature-rich, the way it really should and could be. One only hopes we haven't by then moved on to yet another decade of advancements.<G>