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Tue, Aug 13, 2019 1:52 PM

Bridge: Batch HDR Merge

I have been using Adobe Bridge since the day it came out. I never liked lighroom because I find it has to many features that I don't use and I just find everything to be slower then in Bridge. I am entitled to have preferences since we do have options with Adobe products. I find Bridge faster in every way and because I am so used to using Bridge, every time I use lightroom I find myself just wasting time I don't have to spare. Recently Adobe Lightroom got a new features which I am sure the entire community was waiting for years to get. Lightroom now does Batch HDR merge. I want to know when Adobe is planning on updating bridge to do the same thing. Bridge is capable of stacking so whats the deal? Why update lightroom and not Bridge? I am sure there are many photographers that don't use lightroom who would like to have Batch HDR Merge on Bridge. Please get this long awaited update on Bridge. I would also suggest a Standalone program that can do Batch HDR Merge like DNG converter. Thank you


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2 y ago

Bridge doesn't really have export features beyond pdf and that's a bit limited. You can use Tools->Photoshop->Merge to HDR Pro. I wouldn't expect to see this added to Bridge.

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2 y ago

I vote for Bridge too, over LR.  Importing and catalogs and all that is just additional work for me.  Bridge does what I need.

EXCEPT I would like to have a histogram added to Bridge like the one in LR.  Been saying so for YEARS.  Hello, Adobe?