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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 9:36 AM

Bridge and Photo Downloader constantly fails



I've been a user of Bridge for many years and as far as I remember it has been a stable and reliable product helping me with productivity in my workflow. This was abruptly changed with the 2020 release. Now Bridge and Photo Downloader appears still be in Beta phase, which is absurd. 

I am on a fresh Windows 10 platform, fully updated, and the application is constantly spitting out random errors, making it completely unusable. Here are a couple of the more critical ones:

Selecting a download folder shows a corrupt Windows Explorer. I randomly can't select a folder. Sometimes I can.   


After finally being able to select a folder and begin downloading images from my memory card, the program fails.

And the last error is a complete crash of the program.

All I'm trying to do is import pictures from my memory card to my computer. 




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