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Tue, Nov 5, 2019 2:58 AM

Bridge 2020 on Mac - Full Screen Preview color wrong

Why does it seem that every time a significant upgrade occurs to Bridge, the color of previews is broken? From memory, the profile attached to full screen previews is sRGB, or is it the monitor profile? Anyway, the color was always reasonably accurate compared to the open file in Photoshop, but from the 2020 update it seems to be way off. I'm sure the issue is complicated by the fact that I run multiple monitors. In the past I found a solution to my color woes by making sure Bridge/Photoshop is open on the primary monitor. But all seems broken today after the 2020 update. I hope the attached screen shot shows it - Photoshop on the left, full screen Bridge preview on the right. Can someone please offer a solution?


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a year ago

why did this take a month for Adobe to fix it?