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Sat, Apr 25, 2020 2:17 PM

Artefacts on Nef/Raw file import from Nikon Z cameras.

I dont know why they still dont fix a bug with processing nef/raw file from Nikon Z cameras.
On some bright edges we get artefacts. This happen few seconds after import image, because Camera Raw just apply some kind of a random "filters" Why there is no pure raw processing and left the image with default settings without applying some random filters with no chance to disable them.. And let me to decide what I want on my default image?

I think editing raw files with lightroom is useless for users with Nikon Z cameras. Better to use OEM software then. Where is no problems with processing NEF/RAW files.

Take a look on zippers. One photo taken with Z6 and another with Z50


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1 y ago

Jan:  Adobe didn't cause this. It is a design decision /  flaw for the camera maker Nikon. The Nikon software just isn't revealing the phenomenon and the Adobe software is good enough that it can. If you want to ignore the issues and use lesser software, that is your choice, but do not blame Adobe!

You can reduce the results if you stop using AP priority and also be willing to do touch up when it appears.



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1 y ago

"But I still dont understand why Adobe cause this? On nikon software like ViewNX-i or Capture NX-D I dont get that."

You probably have the Nikon ViewNX software setting for Color Moire Reduction turned on (Low, Medium, High). LR and ACR 'Enhance Detail' tool provides the same function AND enhances the overall image detail. So in fact both apps have the same capabilities with LR/ACR providing additional image enhancement capability.


Here's an example using a Canon 5D MKII CR2 file that exhibits similar color moire.


How many images in a typical shoot are exhibiting moire?