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Wed, Mar 13, 2019 6:01 PM


Adobe Lightroom CC/Classic userinterface and storage

Hey :)
I really love the new UI that comes with the new cloudbased Lightroom CC. (so clean, so easy, etc.) - I kinda am a big fan of every flat /minimalistic design.
But what really unstattisfies me is, that I have to use my CC Cloud for that. The one Terrabyte you get in a upgrade is kinda enough for a year or maybe two - forgett about the 100 and 15 Gigs. And then? Then I have to archiev it locally. Wow, would like to do that in the first place. But wait then I have to use the old userinterface from Lightroom Classic. - Annoying! :/
What I would really like is to store my gallary on an own server or NAS with a HTML frontend and be able to use the Lightroom App and tools (like the face recognision) anyway. - I would love that.
Or at least the new UI from Lightroom on Desktop storage.
My workaround now is unsing Adobe Bridge and Camera RAW. I know, I didn't get every tools I would in Lightroom but the workspace I far cleaner.
... also interested in other statements: So, what do you think about that issue


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