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Mon, Feb 25, 2019 5:25 PM

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2019 Multi-User license Breaks and Requires Reinstallation

The Creative Cloud Multi-User (lab) license for the 2019 versions will break if a user signs in with a personal Adobe account.  The next user will be prompted that the "Trial is ending" and be prompted to pay for a subscription when they try to open an Adobe app. 

I chatted with Adobe Tech Support who informed me that the only fix is to remove and reinstall all of the Adobe applications.  With previous Adobe CC builds we have been able to use a reserialization package to reapply the correct serial number (a 20 second fix), but this option is not available for the 2019 multi-user (lab) license. 

I would like to see a way to reapply / reserialize the multi-user license as this will be an ongoing issue in our lab and public environments.  Even though we posted documentation to sign in only with a college account, a user signed in with their personal Adobe credentials almost immediately.   Please make this easier on IT administrators in academic environments to fix.

Thank you,

Mike Chesk
Technical Support Manager
Unity College.


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2 years ago

Thank you for the report. We will contact you via email for further information. 

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