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Mon, Oct 21, 2013 10:17 PM


Revel: why does it not sync in realtime between PC and iPhone?

Why does Revel not sync in real time between my Photoshop Elements 12 program on my PC and my apple iphone and ipads? The orginal album came over but there are no updates or changes on the iphone and ipad.

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7 years ago

Can you clarify a bit? When you created the mobile album, did all photos show up in both and your iphone? When you edit a picture in the album from Elements 12, it does not show in iphone and If you edit in revel on the iphone, does it appear in Elements 12?


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7 years ago


What is the format of pictures/videos that you are trying to sync and also how many of them? What does Revel Agent dialog (you can find it by clicking Adobe Revel Agent icon in system tray on Windows PC) say?