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Mon, Feb 15, 2016 10:03 PM


Revel: Metadata (dates, names, places) - will it come down from the revel cloud?

I loaded to revel a few years ago. Since then files in elements were destroyed by disk crash. So all 14,000 plus pics are on cloud. Now your latest mess comes up. I bite my lip and start conversion of files from revel via "downloader". Seems to work. Go to Lightroom and eventually find right file. Have not clicked on ADD yet since I see no references to any of the tagging data. Read lots of posts with conflicting info on whether metadata is there or not. Can anyone provide a straight answer????

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5 years ago

Sorry you're in a bad spot.

In Photoshop Elements (PSE)  you would have had to take the action to apply all your manually added keyword tagging to the images metadata - I'm not a PSE expert but I know there's a menu command to do that in PSE. Taking that action in PSE adds all that tagging information to the actual file metadata. Otherwise all that tagging info exists only in PSE. If you did take that action in PSE all that metadata was in the images and Revel would maintain all that information and when you downloaded that info it would be present in the Lightroom keyword info. As I mentioned I'm not a PSE expert but I believe that is the way it works. You might pop over to the Photoshop Elements forum to see if I'm 100% correct. 

From the Revel side - if the keyword tagging data was applied to the file metadata it would still be there. We don't strip anything out.