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Wed, Dec 26, 2012 5:37 PM

Premiere Elements: Poor quality DVDs from PRE 11

Problems with burn to a DVD when using Element Premiere! I have done the process in older versions of Element Premiere (Version 8) without any problems, actually did one last Friday but there is definitely in issue with Element Premiere 11. I used high quality images, shot with a Canon T4i and the results are lousy and very disappointing. It seems that when burning to a DVD it doesn't do a render first. I also tried to burn by choosing the 4Gig setup in folder on my hard drive with the same lousy results. So the problem is not pertaining to the DVD burner but is clearly is a software/ codec issue!! I think you need to address this issue otherwise Adobe Premiere Element 11 is useless and you will have lots of unhappy consumer on your hand. I must say though when creating a mpeg2 file in the highest setting the movie turned out pretty sharp. So, it got to be the render issue when burning to DVD. Thank you kindly Carsten E.


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8 years ago

Seriously poor quality DVDs produced by Premiere Elements 11. Much worse than with PrE10 (and from the same HD originals using PowerDirector 11 etc.). All other 'sharing' outputs are fine, but not DVDs.

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Premiere Elements: Poor quality DVDs from PRE 11.

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8 years ago

Could you try to change the project setting to and then try to burn the images to DVD? To do this, Save the current project and then go to File -> New Project -> Change Settings. Select NTSC DV Standard and then import the images. Burn to DVD and let me know if the issue is still seen.


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7 years ago

Have the same problem with poor DVD quality. Since my video is comprised of about 50 stills, a few short videos, and music clips, how can I import (or export) the entire current project to a New Project with the settings you mention? Pardon the inexperience - am a newbie. Thanks in advance for your help.