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Mon, Jan 28, 2019 10:51 AM


Premiere Elements: Ability to use a drive other than C when exporting

Many modern computers come with a small 100 GB internal SSD which acts
as the main C:\ drive, and large 1000 GB internal HDD which acts as
storage for files. Which is fine, except that when Premiere Elements is
exporting a video, it will come up with an export error when C:\ is low
on space, even when there's heaps of space on E:\. Please make it so
that Premiere Elements can use other drives during the process of exporting a video if we so choose, instead of it having to use C:\ only.

The way it is now simply doesn't agree with the way modern computers are set up, and it's a headache having to trawl through my C drive deleting every update and temporary file I can find every time I make a video just to clear enough gigabytes of disk space for the thing to export properly..


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