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Mon, Apr 22, 2019 5:12 PM

Premiere Elements 2019 freezes adding "Outdoor Adventures" + does not use GPU to render + no HEVC support

1) I added a couple of files (x264 + Photos) and Premiere Elements 2019 freezes when using Instant Movies with (at least) "Outdoor Adventures". I tried a couple other themes and they work, at least Outdoor Adventures doesn ́t.

2) I just bought the Premiere Elements 2019 because I wanted an uncomplicated Editor. Since at least 2017 I have smartphones and/or cameras (Panasonic GH5) that record at 4K HEVC. When I saw that Premiere Elements 2019 (2019!!!) supported HEVC, I never paid attention that Mac or Windows versions had differences! My hardware (i7 6700 + 16GB RAM + Nvidia GTX 970) supports HEVC and all drivers are updated and installed. PS: Handbrake (free) uses my hardware HEVC without issues.

3) Premiere Elements 2019 only uses GPU-Acceleration for 480p. On my 2000€ Desktop HD / Full HD / 4k are being encoded with the CPU?! Why?
My iGPU and Nvidia GTX 970 support hardware encoding...

I hope Adobe *really* listens to their clients now, or it will be the last time I spend money with an Adobe product... (I fast searched and I found 2-3 free video editors with full GPU support). Perhaps Adobe plans to add those "features" for the 2020 version... (but they won ́t see my money again.)


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2 y ago

WIsh I had known this before I upgraded to a GTX1060 GPU, it just sits there on idle during rendering while the CPU is at 100%