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Sun, Jun 24, 2012 12:42 PM


Premiere Elements 10 and regional settings, the Keyframe.h-142 error

ten days ago I bought PE10. I set off to work on a documentary that's about 2 h long. Then suddenly I couldn't open my project any more. I got:


It was easy to find others reporting the same issue, even a proposed solution was available. Only that didn't work. I managed to fix my project after hours of work, but am pretty sure this is an error to return, as the underlying issue is not fixed. So I am quite pissed off, frankly.

My findings:
PE 10 has a problem on Windows 7 with regional settings different from American English. In Germany we use the comma (,) as decimal seperator, not the dot (.). So for example 1/3 is written as 0,33333333, not 0.33333333. Unfortunately in the XML elements, the comma is used to seperate the eight fields for each keyframe. Works, as long as you use the dot as decimal seperator. But suddenly for some reason all dots got replaced by commas, some of the keyframes now seem to have have more then eight values, opening the project fails. Why that should happen after it worked fine for all saves before escapes me. Clearly a bug.

As described in Adobe's kb article here:

PLUS some extra edits not mentioned there:

,, replaced by .,
,< replaced by .<
-0,5 replaced by 0.5
,0,5 replaced by ,0.5

(Hint: if it still doesn't work, you have to check your file for more ill-placed commas. What helped me was this: ([-.0-9]*,){7,7}[-.0-9]*;
It looks for eight-field long keyframe-entries. It should find all entries, if it skips one, that one is quite possibly still wrong.)

Fortunately I am still on the initial 30 days. This is a serious bug that is sitting there unhandled now for quite a while. Also PE 10 crashes on my machine as soon as I try to use my second monitor. It is rather slow, too. Don't know, maybe I'll try the next version. But as this one apparently isn't going to be patched any more and I am not sure I'll get a free upgrade to the next one, I am going to return the product.

This might seem like bashing now, but I helped Adobe with detailed feedback during the Lightroom 4 disaster, I was patient then. Still think the new Lightroom is lacking performance. Now this. I wonder what happened to the quality at Adobe's. These guys ask for serious money, we can expect serious products, can't we? Yes, right, PE is not THAT expensive, but it ain't free either. A hundred Euros is not peanuts.


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8 years ago

Yes, I have to now set my computer regional settings to US-English because of this. Lot's of discussion in another bug report that Adobe is ignoring. I'm not happy with this work-around, but have no choice as without it the projects become corrupt so fast I can't make backups fast enough.

I will never again purchase another adobe project.

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8 years ago

This is ridiculous! How can Adobe allow a bug this simple and yet destructive? I am supposed to fix the file every time I save my work? How frustrating is this? I just paid for their programme that I am now barely able to use.

Adobe, please, fix this ASAP, it can't be difficult!

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8 years ago

This works very fine to fix the bug: