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Sat, Mar 30, 2019 9:17 AM

Premier Elements: Can't stabilize and speed up at the same time, are you kidding me?

Can't stabilize and speed up at the same time in Premier Elements

I paid a fair amount of money for this program but it is frustrating me more and more as I am using it. I cant even stabilize and speed up a video at the same time, are you guys serious? There are free programs out there that have no problem doing that and you're telling me I can't perform those two actions simultaniously? Why? Is it just so enthousiasts will switch over to premier Pro? Because I'll bet you that Pro will handle it just fine. I'm very disappointed in what the program can do for the money it cost me. Also, It's not utilizing my hardware at all, It's as if it is actively being held back to make it slower. I'm pretty sure thats also a way of forcing enthousiasts over to pro. I'm to far ahead in my current project to step over to another program but I wont be using elements again after it.    


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2 y ago

This has also frustrated me a number of times.