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Wed, Jul 11, 2018 9:40 PM

Premier Elements 2018: Problem burning DVDs and playing videos

I have been a long-time user of Premier Elements. Thoughhappy with version 14 for Mac, I decided to purchase Elements 2018 for Mac (I have a fully loaded Mac Pro with 32GB RAM, two monitors, and a 1TB hard disk)).Though creating my video went just fine (including creating movie menus), I amTOTALLY DISAPPOINTED AND UPSET with: 1. When previewing, video sound will nolonger play on my Apple TV, though the video is OK. 2. I cannot burn an AVCHDDVD disk as the only custom option available is H.264 AVCHD which Codec isincompatible with both of my Panasonic Blue Ray / HDTV DVD players. Producing alow resolution SD 576 iso file and burning to DVD produce incompatible results.Burning a MP4 DVD produced a video with constantly dropped frames, as did a DVDproduced with the H.264 Codec. (From my hard drive, the H.264.MP4 file workedfine on my Mac and on AppleTV– but displayed dropped frames and clipped soundwhen the same file was viewed from the DVD.) I had none of these problems withElements 14. The Elements 2018 manual (page 281) says “AVCHD disc burning hasbeen removed.”

I noticed that MANY people have complained about the same problem. I can no longer useElements 2018 and have gone back to Elements 14. I have asked for (and received) a refund.

 A perfect - and simple - solution to at least the second issue is to putback into Elements 2018 the option for DISC/AVCHD/1920 x 1080 & 1440settings with the check box “fit contents to available space option."


Now, I can no longer recommend Adobe Premier Elements to my camera club and many friends who like my videos.


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2 years ago

Hello Robert,

Thank you for posting your problem. I am going to discuss above pointers with my team and will get back to you.