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Sat, Sep 22, 2018 9:49 AM

Photoshop killed my OS

Yesterday I just installed Photoshop CC 2018 and when I tried to open it for the first time, It caused a BSOD (before I opened other Adobe programs and they worked fine). After PC restart, I couldnt go back into Windows, i was stuck in a boot loop with BSOD or disk diagnosing at the end, which didnt help at all. After clean install of Windows, the problem persisted, Microsoft support couldnt do anything... The PC was working perfectly before without any issues until yesterday. If you have ANY ideas on whats going on, please let me know.


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2 years ago

I would try RAM diagnostic. You can try some diagnostic CD and boot it on startup. If you have multiple RAMs in slots try to start PC with only one and see if PC will show BSOD. There is also a chance that voltage of PC source is unstable because of HW degradation in time.

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2 years ago

Is everything about your computer up to date?
For example, is it running Windows 10? Does it have plenty of RAM memory?
According to Adobe, does it meet all of the system/machine requirements for CC 2018?
This does sound like an old machine problem or, as was already pointed out, an issue with the computer.