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Sat, Apr 2, 2011 1:53 AM

Photoshop: How can I speed up workflow with Daz Luxrender plug-in?

I was wondering has any of you used the open source program luxrender. and if you do has anyone made or come across a pluging that will work for photoshop and premier.
I've been using the stand alone version of luxrender and it really slows the workflow down having to shut down one program for the other. luxrender is very proccessor intentsive 3D rendering program
Daz studio and 3d max has plugins for luxrender which speeds up proccessing time.
i was wondering if any of you are using luxrender and how you speed up your work flow.
any help or ideas would be great,

For those who don't know what luxrender is It's a open source rendering tool for making true 3d vision renders. you can read about it on their website.


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