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Sun, Nov 18, 2018 5:25 AM

organizer not licensed

I have been having this problem with PSE15 on my wife's computer running Windows 10 Pro, first noticing it about 5 months ago.  This is the second of two computers I have the program loaded on.  My own computer continues to function correctly and Adobe support acknowledges the registration key I submitted is valid and should apply to this second copy.  Her copy of the Editor runs without problems.  However, when I try to  open her Organizer, the attached picture is what I get.  I've chatted with Adobe Support 3 different times, and have either been told to reinstall the program, or have given them control of her computer and watched them download and reinstall the program.  Each time this fixes the problem for about 30 days and then the problem returns.  It responds as if this is a Trial version- except that I bought it legally, have the disc, and the registration key, and have no problem with my computer.  In addition, when doing what the error message says, I start the Editor- it runs fine, but nowhere am I able to enter any registration keys, and I am signed in with Adobe on her computer.  Today, I spent another 2 hours chatting with support, after which the agent simply said he did not know how to fix it and I should go to the forums for help.  I asked for a name/address of an Adobe manager I could complain to and he  would not respond with any information, so apparently Adobe isn't willing to stand behind its product.  By the way, I also subscribe monthly to PS/CC, but again it has no detrimental impact on my computer. I will appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you. Paul 


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