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Sat, Mar 17, 2012 12:19 PM

Lightroom: Importing AVI files from a Trophycam camera trap.

I am getting an error when I try to import AVI files from my Trophycam camera. Lightroom reports no preview in the import screen, then no frames to import in an error box once import completes. The beta of lightroom imported these avi files without difficulty. It is the full version that does not. Any chance of a fix in the next release?

The files that I am attempting to import are working OK in non adobe programs like AVIConverter but not in Adobe Premiere Elements. The beta of Lightroom 4 handled these files without an issue. When I convert them to mp4s, Lightroom 4 imports them without a problem.


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9 years ago

Hi Roger-

Nothing should have changed between LR4 beta and release with regards to supported video formats. If it worked in Beta, it should still work.

Are you using the same computer with the same setup as you did in Beta? Is this on win or mac? Do you have DivX installed?

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7 years ago

I too have this problem. I have windows 7, 64bit and the error message is "unsupported format or broken file". This started on LR4 so I went out and purchased LR5 on advise I saw on an Adobe forum. Sadly I get the identical message with LR5.
Any ideas?

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5 years ago

Same exact problem, did any of you ever figure it out?