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Thu, Jun 7, 2018 6:30 AM

Issue with Photoshop export


'm using Atem 1 M/E and Atem 2 M/E for svereal month now and i'm experiencing a problem with photoshop export.I use the photoshop export possibilities since a year now and had no problem with it. I create lower third and send them to ATEM on the same network.
Lately, it made my atem crash just when i sent a lower third to the media pool. I had to hard reboot the Atem to make it work again. I tried the same thing another time and it did exacly the same.I changed the PC where i was using photoshop ( other ip adress ) and it worked for a day but now it does the same problem that make ATEM crashso i had to export my files in .TGA to use them with the Media Pool BUT another issue. I created a share file on the mac mini that runs the ATEM GUI in order to send TGA from the PC that create the TGA files. When i drop the lower third TGA files from this file, ATEM don't whant them as an error BUT when i copy this TGA files ( the sames) on a USB key and plug the key on the mac min and use the files , the ATEM accept them. any idea ?

Please help.

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