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Mon, Mar 11, 2019 9:22 PM

Hundreds of Files left over after Adobe uninstall.

After uninstalling Adobe Photoshop and Adobe cloud hundreds of files remain on the system. Adobe asked me to post this for their engineers so they can fix the issue.


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2 years ago

Not surprising. Where abouts are the errant files?

Adobe Administrator


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2 years ago

Some additional details would be helpful:

OS Version?
Photoshop Version?

Did you uninstall via the Creative Cloud App or the OS? 
Did you also uninstall the Creative Cloud App?
Did you run the Adobe Cleaner utility?

Can you provide some examples of the files?

Adobe Photography Products

Quality Engineering - Customer Advocacy 

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2 years ago

Howdy Daniel,

The uninstaller doesn't remove any file which we didn't specifically install and we generally leave shared components as well.  So, as Rikk and Marlon asked, could you share some examples of these files, so we have some context?  What you're seeing might be a bug, but it also might be correct behavior to ensure no user data is lost.