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Tue, Jul 16, 2019 10:31 AM

how do i send emails of my photos using elements 2019

I've spent the last week on and off trying to send emails of my photos to friends. I'm not on flickr or facebook or anything like that. I just simply want to send them to friends.


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2 y ago

Elements is not an email program.  It's a photo editor.  For email find your photos in your files, attach them to your email and send.  That's it.  

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2 y ago

Elements does have a capacity to email photos from within the program.  But first you have to set up the email.  In the Organizer, go to Edit>Preferences>Email.  Click on the New button to create a profile for the email client that you want to use.  Use the Validate button to verify that your email service works with the program. 

Once the email is set up, you can select the files in the Organizer and click on Share>email.  A dialog will appear on the right side of the screen.  Here, you are given the opportunity to adjust the size/quality of the photos you are emailing.  Click on the Next button and a new screen will open.  You will now have to add your friends to an address book that opens when you click the icon at the top right of the screen.  Once the names have been added, you can select them from a list.

If you are using an email client like MS Outlook, an email is prepared with the photos attached.  You can then edit the email and send it.  If you are using a web service like gmail or AOL, the email is sent automatically. 

While Steve's solution may be more expedient, there are advantages to using Elements for the job.  First, it makes it easy to select the right file.  Second, you can adjust the size of the files.  Third, Elements keeps track of which images you have mailed to whom.