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Thu, Jan 16, 2020 5:35 AM

HELP!!! Restore photo catalog - Premiere Elements

I recently upgraded my computer but did not back-up my catalog in Premiere Elements prior to the data transfer.  I thought it would just be a case of importing the data from old drive.  I have a copy/image of the previous hard drive before it was wiped but cannot find the Premiere Catalog to transfer.  Is there a way to obtain the catalog so that I can transfer it to the new system?  Where can I look for the catalog?  I have not found anything under: Adobe/Premiere Elements/12?!?!




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8 months ago

I thought it would just be a case of importing the data from old drive.

No, to transfer your media files AND your catalog WHILE keeping the links in the catalog you have to use the recommended backup and restore procedure:

To find the catalog folder in the copy of the old drive, do a search for a file named "catalog.pse12db". It is in the catalog folder. You can copy and paste the whole catalog folder elsewhere on your new computer, but the links recorded in the catalor still point to the old drive. This means you'll have to start the 'reconnection' process, which is usually very painful.
To start the organizer with that old catalog, either navigate to the new location of the catalog in the catalog manager, or double click on the catalog.pse12db file to open the organizer with that catalog.