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Sat, Apr 2, 2011 8:18 PM


Export/Import/Backup of preferences

A long term frustration with many programmes like Photoshop, Lightroom Premiere, where your customised workspace and presets are so important to how you work, is the inability to simply export/import your preferences.
DIrectory Opus [an amazingly customisable programme] makes this very easy with a simply export and import facility. And for a few versions now, Opera the browser has been able to sync your browsers on various computers with your setting without you having to even do anything other than first set up the programme and sign in on different machines.
This implementation by Opera, would be a particularly useful tool for those who often need to do work on other people's computers as you could simply sign in using your Adobe LogIn and then get all your shortcuts and layouts that you are used to and then rest to previous setting when you log out.
I know I can sometimes get stumped when using other people's software at times as I have no idea where to find things with the standard layout and my shortcuts removed.

This could also back up your actions, brushes, presets etc.
And would also make testing of updates/betas a lot easier too

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10 years ago

AJP Lawrence, regarding your last paragraph, are you aware of the migration script?
I think that it could be a good starting point for an export script that would let you get some of your assets.

But re-reading your request, it seems that you would like to store them on the cloud, so I might merge this topic with a related one...