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Mon, Apr 2, 2018 7:50 PM

elements premiere 2018 stops responding

Hi all,

I just bought elements premiere 2018 (version 16.0) two weeks ago.
It is installed of both my iMac and my Macbook pro) and both give me the same problem. All software /OS is up-to-date !

Movie editing is OK most of the time !!  although once in a while it just hangs for some reason. (So I save a lot while processing).
Now I started with adding (motion) titles into my movie and this really drives me crazy. It is absolutely not workable anymore. Hangs every few minutes and all I can do is kill the process and start over again. 
Any clues???

The Netherlands


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2 years ago

The problem with Premiere Elements is that Adobe don't use proxy files or friendly CPU codecs like ApplePro Res, the GPU/CPU has to decode and encode in real time all the effects, video files h264 codec and h265 codec are very cpu/gpu intensive. Apple makes iMovie/Final Cut Pro X faster by converting video files to ProRes format or AIC,that makes the cpu/gpu less stressed. You can try to convert your original video footage to ProRes ou AIC, it's pretty much lossless quality,but keep in mind you will need plenty of hard drive space, because those files will take a large space on you hdd.Then edit the video using those files and when your master piece is ready, export to the tidy h264 or h265 codec.

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2 years ago

Hi, can you tell us more about your system specifications and the exact steps you are doing in premiere elements which cause hang?