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Wed, Oct 24, 2018 8:06 PM

Elements 2019: Problem with retaining Captioning and naming from Elements 8.0 slideshows

I spent about 35 minutes with a representative Ajay on the phone this afternoon, October 24, 2018.  This is what I have learned, and he has asked me to have you forward to the Adobe Development Team.
I have the Elements 8.0 program that I purchased on October 17, 2012.  At that time, I spent over 200 hours scanning in all of my families photos and my husbands families photos into separate albums.  Mine has 1,823 photos and my husbands has 3,205 photos.  I spent over 200 hours captioning and naming each one of those pictures so that when I made a slide show to share with all children and siblings so that we all had the same photo albums of our families that they knew who and what the photos were of.  This was a huge endeavor and commitment.
Then in the fall of 2017 I saw that you had a new version the 2018 Adobe Photoshop Elements and 2018 Adobe Premiere Elements that includes the Album organizer and slide show creator.  The problem is that you 8.0 version does transfer to the new 2018 version with the already created time consuming captions and naming and you can see them in the 2018 Album Organizer, BUT, when you go to create a slide show, all of that hard work to caption your photos is GONE, because your experts on the phone tell me that the experts in Development didn’t include that as a feature in the 2018 product.  You instead have to manually recaption all of your photos.  Why on earth would you not include this feature in all versions of your products?  Creating captions for peoples pictures in people’s albums is time consuming enough as it is but it is so valid to the “STORY” you are creating in a slide show for future generations to bring relevance to those pictures.
You need to create a “fix” that allows the captions and names that you can “see” in your albums for 2018 Premiere Elements Organizer is automatically taken into any slideshow that you create from an album.  Your 2018 product as it is has rendered it useless to me because I can’t create any slideshow that brings in my families photos that are already captioned and I WON’T SPEND THE TIME TO RE-CAPTION 5,028 photos for anyone again!  Also, creating a slide-show was more user friendly in your 8.0 version than it is in my opinion of the new 2018 version.
Sincerely, Lynn


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