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Sun, Dec 17, 2017 11:15 AM


Disable Automatic Lens Information- Profile

Hi there
I too have been miffed about Auto lens profiles being applied in both Lightrooom and Photoshop; with absolutely no way of disabling it.
I shoot extensively with an Olympus 8mm lens so very often I am wanting distortion.
At last I discovered Olympus Viewer 3, you can TURN OFF lens information on Olympus raw files.
In RAW2 edit section / Distortion Correction / Manual -uncheck the "Use Lens Information" and adjust manually the distortion on a plus or minus scale.
What a brilliant way to dial in your preference as you intended, I rather think it may only be for Olympus users?

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3 years ago

I use Canon's DPP - does the same thing.  And besides control over distortion and lens corrections, I really do get a noticeable "spaciousness" or 3-dimensionallity with DPP that I just don't with ACR.  It makes sense that Canon would understand what to do with a .CR2 file better than Adobe.