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Fri, Feb 23, 2018 10:16 PM

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14: Tried to do a backup on an external hard drive and it said 11,300 items are not connected. I underrstand about moving the files around within photoshop but I had some problems with my computer and they disengage one drive and moved my pictures i think this was the problem. I attached a picture of the file explorer showing i have more files than what is shown in the organizer (there is a picture of that). I tried importing the files that werent in the organizer list but I cant. Is it better to remove everything out of the organizer and starting all over? When I tried importing each file that isnt there I get the message shown in the second picture


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3 years ago

Your problem can be the result of several synopses of which the following one is one possibility.
The 11300 images were all on the drive that was removed and the technician copied from that drive folders with images to your C drive.
When you tried to import the apparently missing images PSE found 700 already in place which is quite normal under these circumstances.
Why couldn’t you import the missing images?
From where did you import those missing images?
When you select a not connected image, the information panel shows the location where PSE is looking for the file.
Is this location on your C drive or on a different one? What is the path exactly?
Before doing a backup all images need to be connected but even without backup the system should have warned you that there are many unconnected images.
If you think all missing images are available on your current disk configuration, then try first if PSE can locate them.
This can take quite a while, so let your PC do the work during the night and for 11000 images this can take several days depending on the speed of your PC.