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Lightroom: You should swap Headline with Title

Meatadata panel in Lightroom seems to ignore basic IPTC rules.

As is stated in the IPTC core:

A headline is a brief publishable synopsis/summary of the contents of the photograph.
The Headline term should not be confused with the Title term."

This field can be used as a shorthand reference for the image or "photograph" - primarily for identification. The title of an image may take several forms; for photographers this might be the filename of their original scan or digital camera file, for news organizations it might be the name of the story for which it's to be used.
The Title term should not be confused with the Headline term, which is a short synopsis of the content of the photograph."

So, in reality Headline should be used as a title for an image. The way Metadata promotes now in the Default view, is:

1. Title
2. Caption

so users will assume that "Title" should be the title of the image.

To be correct the IPTC field "Headlne" should be promoted in "Title" place.

This can be an issue with many online web services, galleries, etc.
Please consider fixing.
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