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Photoshop: Vertical Alignment Text Tool

Everyone wants a Vertical Align Text Tool! Not all text sits at the top of things... and that's why it would be so nice to have a tool where new lines of text would be appended upward, instead of downward. Clicking the "Middle" button on the Vertical Align Text Tool would cause new lines to be appended upward and downward from the initial insertion point. If a Text Square was dragged out, text will automatically center itself vertically in that space.

We have a Horizontal Align tool, why not a Vertical Align? It's 2012- this would be a nice CS6 feature!!! Thanks guys!
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  • I’m disappointed
    It's not so much a Vertical Alignment Tool that's needed - I think perhaps the subject line might be deceptive.

    With CS6's new Area Type feature that easily creates an Area Type box based on an existing vector shape, you really need to be able to specify the alignment within that shape - centered is already handled through the paragraph palette, but there's no facility for controlling the vertical alignment within that area type bounding box.

    If you think about it, it's a mistake to add the Area Type feature to Photoshop 13 without having a corresponding alignment feature, because text is NEVER aligned to the top of a box - it would always collide with the stroke on that shape, or be butted up to the top edge (think of a capital "T" sitting right on the top edge with no margin). If you don't believe that Vertical Center is really the default preference of most use cases of the new Area Type tool, you can at least agree that you need the ability to specify an offset ("padding").

    The shame is that Adobe has a precedent in InDesign, and yet chose not to reuse that workflow in Photoshop even though it added the feature. This needs to be addressed, or the feature removed.
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    • If you draw a Vector Shape (like a box), then switch to the Type Tool and hover over the new shape you drew, you will see a new cursor that looks like a round dotted line with the text insertion cursor. This functions similarly to Illustrator's Convert to content tool except that it leaves the original vector shape intact, and creates a new Text Area layer with the exact dimensions of your Vector Shape.
      A classic use case would be in creating a button with some text label on it. Except that in that case you really would want your text centered vertically 99% of the time, and PS doesn't facilitate this so the only workaround ATM is to use the Direct Select tool and drop the top segment down, effectively adjusting the top "margin" of the text area.
    • Okay so text in a path or shape.

      The same as older versions of photoshop?

      Thought that was some creative cloud only feature

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  • I’m ticked off
    Arg. I did a Google Search for Photoshop Vertical Centering Text, and found this post. I guess I forgot that I had already had this issue! And SURPRISE no response from Adobe staff as usual. I truly believe they put this forum up just to let the "complainers" have a space to rant so they don't clog up tech support phone lines.

    And yet, I'm stupid enough to keep coming back here, posting bug reports and suggestions. Sigh.
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    • Forrest, you echo my sentiments. I feel that the PS dev team does tend to focus more on functionality that will make the What's New page, rather than roll up their sleeves and address some of the deficiencies, inconsistencies, and tweaks that mean so much to the professionals who use this app day in and day out (for the last 19 years). I understand, from a marketing perspective, but cannot help but feel deeply disappointed in a company that has had my loyalty for two decades.
    • I'm an old fart too- still have my Photoshop 2.5LE box I got my junior year of college (1992 ish). By the way, I run a small company that provides a cloud-based API for your Photoshop files- you may be interested in it. It's called DaisyAPI- check it out sometime.

      In general, I've actually found Adobe to be fairly responsive to my suggestions, both in After Effects and Photoshop. Both of those applications are huge ships to steer, much larger than most people realize. Getting a multi-platform feature designed, implemented, QA'd and made backwards/forwards compatible with other .psd versions is a huge undertaking, no matter how trivial the actual feature may seem. I wasn't expecting this feature to really rise to the top, but thought why not put it out there, see if I can eventually create enough interest.

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  • I’m a little concerned that 3 year old posts aren't being addressed or commented on.
    Any update on this guys? It's been a year since the last update and the feature request was made 3 years ago. It's for vertically centred text like you have in InDesign. Would really be a great addition.
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