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How to draw an outlined circle in Photoshop CS6?

Unable to "stroke" a circle outline without having to fill the selection first. There needs to be a way to create a circle outline, without needing to fill the item with solid pixels.

Does some have a clever way of getting around this limitation.

(should be a feature enhancement for the next release).
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  • Chris Cox (Sr. Computer Scientist) November 28, 2012 20:02
    Use the circle shape tool, then set the fill and stroke however you wish.

    Or use a selection and stroke it without filling.

    If you are going to use layer styles, then you need some sort of fill (because the stroke will go around the contents of the layer) - but you can always set the fill opacity to zero.

    While strokes on shapes are new in CS6, the other methods have been available for many years.
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