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I’m frustrated and dissapointed!!!

Photoshop: Crashing when using the 3D features in CS6

I contacted Customer service twice last about a problem with PhotoShop CS6 freezing up when I started using the 3D feature. The first customer service representative on Chat was very helpful but still couldn't find a solution to the problem after over an hour of trying. I finally lost hime after he rebooted my system and I couldn't contact again him with the information he gave me. The second customer service representative that I spoke to on the phone kept on hold for an extended period of time and then I lost him and even after taking my phone # he never returned my call. There is a serious bug with PhotoShop when you use this feature and it freezes up my computer and the only way to get out of it is to use the application manager and shut it down. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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