Revel: iOS upload from apple photostream - Photo has Unknown date

OK - Here is a dumb problem. I don't think it is just me but if someone else can confirm I'd be grateful.

I took some photos of #2 son's birthday on my iPhone. Some days later I realised that I hadn't uploaded them to Revel so I took out my iPad, opened the Revel Client (v 1.1) and pressed plus to upload some new pictures (I don't want to use the new iOS auto upload feature as I will end up with all kinds of garbage in Revel). I selected the pictures which I found in my photostream (Don't forget they weren't taken with the iPad) and did the upload. The pictures should have been at the top of my Carousel as they were the most recent I had taken but they weren't there.

At first I thought it must have been something I had done but it took me a while to realise that if I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the 10 years worth of pictures I have uploaded, there was a category called "Unknown Date". Clearly the date the pictures were taken has been forgotten somehow. Is this a "Feature" of photostream or a bug in Revel?

Thinking I knew how to beat the software, I copied the same pictures to my iPad's camera roll and then repeated the upload selecting the camera roll versions this time. Unfortunately this time the date used by revel was the date I copied the picture to the camera roll and not the date the picture was taken.

Not wanting to be beaten I went to my mac, opened iPhoto and downloaded the photos from my photostream. I then opened Revel on my mac and tried to upload the exact same photos using the mac client. This time they were tagged with the correct date in Revel. Grrrrrrr. I am sure I could have achieved the same thing by uploading from the iPhone on which the photos were taken but that would be too easy.

If anyone else has Revel, an iPhone and and iPad, I am sure Adobe would appreciate it if this bug/feature could be confirmed.

Any comment from Adobe would be appreciated. It's V1.0 software I know but if date is going to be the only way (for now) of grouping photos, its got to be the date the picture was taken and no other!

Of course the other feature which would be useful would be some way of editing or at least viewing the metadata in Revel. Hopefully we won't have to wait for v2.0 for that!
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