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Bridge CS6: Resetting preferences causes keywords in photos to show at the top level in the keywords panel

After resetting my Bridge CS6 preferences on Windows 7 - 64 bit, whenever I open a new folder of images in Bridge, it takes all the keywords in the images in that folder and puts them in my keyword list at the root (top) level! These are passwords that are in the keyword list at an embedded level. Prior to resetting my preferences, I exported my keywords and then imported them again after resetting preferences, although the original keywords didn't go away during the preference resetting process. I have tried to re-import my keywords and there is no effect on the undesired keywords at the top level. I can right-click and then click delete on each undesired keyword, which will take a long time to do. My fear is that when I open new folders, the same thing will continue to recur, only compounding the issue. Do you have any ideas how to fix this issue?
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