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Photoshop: Proportional scale


I have a suggestion for you.

A proportional scale tool to help scale two separate layers to be the same size. Similar to the way photos used to be proportioned before desktop publishing.

For example

I have a PSD file that I flatten and send to a client. The client crops in on the file and sends it back to me. I need to match my layered PSD file to the cropped image.

I bring the cropped file into PS on its own layer-- and make it the top most layer. I then drop the opacity of that layer to 50%.

I then select all the layers beneath (or group them then transform them as a group) that transparent layer and use the scale tool to match the top image using the "eyeball" method. It's currently difficult to get an exact match.

It would be nice if I could select two known points on the cropped layer, (say the pupils of the subject) and the same two known points on my grouped layers and have PS do the scale calculation for me.

Is that possible?

-Thank you
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