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Photoshop: Problem with multi-frame animated gifs created using Photoshop

We create GIF files using Photoshop for various purpose. Lately we have been facing issues with rendering the GIF files created from Photoshop on Symbian and Android Phones.

In almost all the cases the frames render with different frame sizes, and in other cases content goes missing from certain frames at random, and sometimes both. We checked the animated gif files in a tool called Advanced GIF Animator. This tool shows the frames of the gif exactly as it is appearing on the phones. We rechecked the images in Photoshop and these are looking fine in Photoshop.

After some hit & trial, we were able to generate certain gif files that render perfectly on the phones as well as Advanced GIF Animator. But this fix is not working on other gifs that we are creating. We have tried using all possible ways to save the gif from Photoshop - "Save As", "Save for Web & Devices" using all possible parameter combinations.

This is becoming very frustrating. Photoshop doesn't have any option to create separate sizes for separate frames in animated gif - all frames have to be same size. Also, if the layers have been properly visible in a particular frame and even when opening the gif file in photoshop it is showing perfect then why is it showing differently on the device?

We can trust Advanced GIF Animator rendering because that is exactly how it is rendering even on the phone.

I am also attaching 2 such GIFs for reference. These are examples of images that are giving problems.

We have already looked at Adobe Forums, Google Search etc. but have not been able to find the problem or its solution.

Looking forward to some help.

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