Photoshop: Support scalable user interface UI for high resolution monitors

I'm using a high resolution monitor(2560x1600). As a result, all the the toolbar fonts and menu fonts are small and hard to see. I do not want to lower the screen resolution as this would defeat the purpose of this monitor.. Will the new CS6 have the ability to increase font sizes to accommidate Hi-Res monitors?


Ron Acevedo
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    Extremely small UI on high resolution display.

    The UI in Photoshop CS6 is extremely small and barely usable on a high resolution display. I am running 3200x1800 on a new 15" laptop running Windows 8.1 and it's only Photoshop that has this issue.

    I just spoke with a help rep who suggested I post something here. He told me that Adobe is aware of the problem and may release a fix for it.

    I bet this doesn't happen on Mac books. Can you please help us Win users out? We also like to work on our laptops with high-res displays.

    The attached images show the difference between PS and Illustrator.

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